Missing Hardball Video Proves Corbin Dates Did Not ID James Holmes As Man Seen In Theater 9 Prior To Shooting.

By now, one month from the tragic Dark Knight shooting in Aurora, Colorado, most everyone familiar with the investigation is aware of the interview clip on Youtube between Corbin Dates and Chris Matthews (from the July 23, 2012 edition of Hardball) that is only 1:15 long. However, until now, the national dialogue has completely missed the first part of this interview, wherein Corbin Dates responds with absolute certainty that the man he saw inside Theater 9, who took a cell phone call while propping open the fire exit door with his foot, was NOT James Holmes.

In the 1:15 clip, Corbin Dates states that the man who opened the fire exit door, previous to the shooting, had a “goatee”. Obviously, James Holmes does not have a goatee.  And many followers of this case have been frustrated that the “1:15” clip on Youtube does not feature Matthews asking Dates straight on whether or not the man with the goatee was, in fact, James Holmes. The abbreviated clip does not contain an on point Q & A between Dates and Matthews as to whether Dates could specifically ID the man who opened the door as James Holmes.

However, it can now be revealed that the 1:15 clip was actually taken from a longer 11 minute clip. The full clip, for reasons I do not know, has been completely absent from the national discussion. I have made a video combining this important new evidence, as reported by Dates to Matthews, with the original 1:15 clip.  This video has a run time of 2:42. See it here:


This is the transcript of the new material:

MATTHEWS: Let`s go right now to Corbin Dates, who is a witness who 
was in I think the second row of that theater. Corbin, thank you for 
joining us tonight. What did you feel when you saw the picture of that guy in court today, 
Corbin, James Holmes.

CORBIN DATES, SHOOTING WITNESS: I`d say as soon as I was watching the 
trial on CNN today, I felt completely numb. I felt no emotion whatsoever 
when I was looking at the face of the gunman.MATTHEWS: Did he look dangerous to you? Did he remind you of what 
you saw in the theater?DATES: Honestly, looking at his face right now, no, he looked like an 
average person that you would see probably at a mall or anywhere common. 
You would not put two and two together if you saw that person and if you 
were there that night. You would never know.

MATTHEWS: OK, compare him to what you saw, the gentleman you saw, the 
two gentlemen, whatever you saw — compare him to what you saw in the 
theater the night that everything went horribly.

DATES: The night in the theater, as soon as the door swung open and 
the person dressed all in black walked into the theater, this person had a 
stroll like he knew what was going on, like he knew what was supposed to 
happen, like it was supposed to be a walk in the park and that he was going 
to have a good time. That`s what it looked like.

MATTHEWS: Do you — is there any way you can connect the two? Could 
you identify him as that guy, the one who killed the 12 people and injured 
or wounded so many others, dozens of others?

DATES: I couldn`t have identified him because the person — the 
gunman was dressed all in black. You could not see anything. The only 
thing that was available to see was only his eyes.


The official story is that the man who opened the fire exit prior to the shooting was, in fact, James Holmes, who law enforcement officials are saying bought a ticket to the 12:05 showing in Theater 9.  But Corbin Dates affirmed with absolute certainty that he could not identify Holmes as the man who took the cell phone call by the fire exit, stating: “You would not put two and two together if you saw that person and if you 
were there that night. You would never know.”

I will have a follow up on this video before publishing crucial new information revealed in an exclusive investigative report.

Dark Knight Oracle.


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