A few days ago, this blog exposed important missing footage from the July 23, 2012 interview of Corbin Dates on Hardball. Below, this follow-up report exposes missing footage from NBC’s shamelessly deceptive Dateline report by Chris Morrison; selective editing by CNN of Dates’ statement upon seeing James Holmes for the first time in court; as well as the full 11 minute Hardball clip.

Corbin Dates is a major witness in the Aurora shooting case. His statements to multiple main stream media sources, just hours after the shooting, had the effect of changing the official story.  Before Dates was interviewed by the media, it was widely reported that the shooter gained entrance to Theater 9 by kicking the fire door down. But that story was debunked when it was determined that the fire door could not be kicked in, since it only opened from the inside.

A few hours after the shooting, Corbin Dates was interviewed on multiple news media outlets giving specific testimony that a man sitting in the first row took a cell phone call during previews at the fire door, which he propped open with his foot, where Dates says it appeared the man was beckoning to an accomplice.

Later that afternoon, Police Chief Oates refused to state how the shooter gained entrance, but an unnamed federal law enforcement official’s comments to the AP added that James Holmes bought a ticket to the 12:05 showing, and entered with the rest of the crowd.

I’ll believe that when they come up with the video footage of him entering the theater and buying a ticket. They may have such footage, and if they do, there is no reason not to show it. I can’t imagine that the theater has no video surveillance. Can you?

The unnamed federal official also told the AP:

Holmes is believed to have propped open an exit door in the theater as the movie was playing, donned protective ballistic gear, re-entered about a half-hour into the film and opened fire.

So the unnamed federal official has backed up the accuracy of Dates’ statement, while also embellishing things into that statement that Dates never said. But why does a federal official feel comfortable in stating this important conclusion to the assembled world media, while at the same time refuse to be named?  What’s that all about?

If the man Dates witnessed open the fire door prior to the shooting was not James Holmes, then the official story, that Holmes acted alone, would be seriously damaged.  And that’s exactly the state of the case right now. It’s severely damaged, because It has become very clear that the man Dates saw take that call was not Holmes.  This inconvenient fact has the effect of humiliating the official version of events.  Perhaps that is why, only one day after the shooting, NBC’s Keith Morrison saw fit to deceptively falsify the statements made by Dates.

On July 21, 2012, only one day after the shooting, NBC aired a video report on Dateline, by Chris Morrison, that involves blatantly deceptive editing techniques designed to trick the viewer into believing Dates testified:

1) that the man who opened the emergency fire door had a fake red beard

2) that the same man who opened the fire door returned later as the shooter

In the interviews available to the public, Dates never states that the man had a “fake red beard”. He clearly told Chris Matthews on July 23, 2012, that the man who opened the door had a goatee, and that he would testify to that fact in court. Dates said nothing about a “fake red beard” in that interview, and Morrison’s report also contains no statement by Dates concerning a fake red beard. The statement is made by Morrison, who, as far as we can tell, was not in the theater that night. Morrison simply edits the video to make it appear as if Dates said the man had a fake red beard.

People are dead. Children are dead. Yet, Chris Morrison, in his creepy voice, in plain site of the whole world, has lied to the victims, their families and the American people. No wonder the full clip has been missing from the national dialogue for an entire month.

Furthermore, Morrison again puts words into Dates’ mouth, when Morrison states that the same man who took the call returned as the shooter. Dates never said that.  In fact, Dates stated the exact opposite to Chris Matthews on the July 23, 2012, edition of Hardball, as well as implying the same to CNN when he first saw James Holmes  appear in court.

The link to the Dateline video also contains the official transcript of the report.  The relevant deception begins 21 seconds in, stating:

Chris Morrison: It is a right of the american summer now, the midnight show of the newest hottest block buster in town, so there was a little buzz in the air, a rush for good seats, a happy anticipation and the very big crowd. By the time Corbin Dates arrived, only the two front rows were open. He and a friend picked row two and as the lights went down, he noticed a man in front of him with a fake looking red beard , noticed him because —

Corbin Dates:  He got a phone call , this person actually decided to go to the back door, the back emergency exit door, opened it and used his foot to prop it open.

Chris Morrison: Then 20 minutes or so into the movie, there was a shooting scene and the man was back.

[The abbreviated Youtube clip is here.  As far as I am aware, the full Dateline clip has not been exposed by other blogs or on Youtube, prior to this report.]

Notice how Morrison inserts “because”, and then goes to a clip of Dates. He goes from his own voiceover, and threads that into an actual statement from Dates. This editing makes it appear as if Dates noticed that the man had a fake red beard “because” the man took a phone call and went to the emergency exit. But there is no statement by Dates that the man had a fake red beard in this video clip.

Furthermore, Morrison then cuts into the Dates clip again, with his own voiceover, placing words into Dates’ mouth that make it appear as if Dates stated that the man who took the call “was  back” 20 minutes later. We know with absolute certainty that Dates, in fact, said the opposite, that he could not identify the man who took the call as James Holmes.  Dates made this clear to Chris Matthews on the July 23, 2012 edition of Hardball, as well as to CNN when he watched Holmes appear in court for the first time.  Let’s examine those two videos now.

On August 20th, this blog revealed that the 1:15 Youtube cell phone video clip of Dates being interviewed by Matthews on July 23, 2012 was actually part of an 11 minute clip.  This blog released an extended (2:42) clip, wherein Dates told Matthews that nobody in the theater that night would ever “put two and two together” that James Holmes was the shooter.  Dates told Matthews, that from what he saw, he believed there were two people involved.  Here is a link to the full 11 minute Hardball clip.

Furthermore, on the day Holmes first appeared in Court, CNN was seated with Dates as they watched Holmes enter the courtroom live.  The video clip of that interview is here.  Upon being asked to react upon seeing Holmes for the first time, Dates stated:

“When you finally take off the mask and see who this person really is, it’s like a shock…I did not expect that at all. It’s shocking, because the person who was covered in black — the picture that would come to my mind is somebody who was, I would say, somebody who was very buff, somebody who probably works out, somebody who has a history of knowing weapons inside out.”

If Dates had identified the man who opened the emergency exit to take the phone call prior to the shooting as James Holmes, there would be no reason for Dates to have been “shocked” upon seeing Holmes for the first time.  The CNN interview combined with the Hardball interview make it very clear that the man Dates saw open the door was not James Holmes. And this means that the official story is based on a clearly false premise.

If Dates’ statement was good enough for the officials to believe that a man did open the fire door prior to the shooting, such statement having actually changed the official narrative away from the impossible allegation that Holmes kicked the door down, then there is no reason why the rest of Dates’ statements, which clearly indicate that the man who took the cell phone call by the fire door was not Holmes, should be ignored, edited and even falsified.  What is going on here?

Furthermore, when CNN reported this interview, it originally contained Dates’ statement to the effect that he was shocked to see Holmes and not somebody more buff.  That remnant can still be viewed at a report from the Daily Mail, which quotes the CNN report as follows:

“Corbin Dates, who was sitting in the second row of the Century 16 cinema and survived the gun attack, said he was stunned to see the suspected killer without his mask.

‘It’s a shock,’ he told CNN. ‘I did not expect taht at all.  (sic) The person who was covered in black – I thought it was someone who works out, who has a history of knowing weapons.

He continued: ‘He has no right coming to court and looking like he has a sad face. That’s not something that’s goig (sic) to be believable. Who are you trying to fool with that face?’

The original CNN report of July 24, 2012, by CNN was “updated” on July 27, 2012, and does not contain the statement by Dates indicating he was shocked upon seeing Holmes.  The rest of Dates’ statement regarding Holmes’ sad face is in the “updated” report.

Again, since Dates stated that nobody who was there that night would put two and two together, and that he was “shocked” to see Holmes’ face, the man who Dates did see in the theater prior to the shooting was clearly not James Holmes.  Dates wouldn’t have forgotten the red headed Holmes, who does not have a goatee.  Let’s stop pretending that the man Dates saw prior to the shooting was James Holmes.

NBC’s Dateline staff and reporter Chris Morrison have lied to the American people, the victims and their families. Morrison cleverly added his own voice in place of Dates’ to make it appear that Dates said things, noticed things, that he truly never did see. This is beyond unethical. It’s intentionally deceptive, and it may be protecting the real shooter(s) (or an accomplice if Holmes is guilty) from being brought to justice.

The sheer audacity of NBC and their bretheren in the media pay no respect whatsoever to the tragedy and suffering involved with this case. How dare you? These victims, their families and this nation deserve the absolute tightest, most transparent, and comprehensive investigation of the facts in this case. The trend this case is serving is a trend of disrespect and failure.  This blog has chronicled numerous instances of cavalier and/or outright false reporting.  Many main stream media report have been “updated” deceptively without keeping the original report in place. When facts reported become obviously not true, they are simply erased.  How is that ethical? How is that professional? How does that serve the victims? It seems like a bunch of blind parrots are in charge of reporting this case.

CNN’s “update” that conveniently ignores Dates’ statement regarding being shocked upon seeing Holmes’ face is egregious. The evidence is being manipulated so as not to detract from the official story.  When we consider that the testimony by Dates was used by officials to substantiate that a man did, in fact, go to the fire door to prop it open before the film started, there is no logical reason to falsify the rest of this crucial witness testimony other than to deceive.

The rush to judgment in this case is not healthy for our system of justice. It’s not healthy for America. And it’s not fair to the victims or their families who deserve to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  In the days ahead, this blog will doggedly pursue that truth.

The Dark Knight Truth Blog does not know if James Holmes is innocent or guilty. But we do know that the media have conducted themselves in a blatantly unethical manner in reporting this case. This blog intends to win the respect of the public by reporting with fierce accuracy. You won’t see facts reported here erased from view. Everything you read here can be independently verified. This blog will never use “unnamed sources”. We are determined to bring facts to light and to shine light upon deception.  This case is too important for anything less than absolute truth.

The next report issued here will present important new information that will cast the entire official narrative in doubt.



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