James Holmes was not singled out for a criminal background check at the University of Colorado other than the initial background check required of all students who apply to the University.

A CBS/AP report published yesterday, Aug. 24, 2012, recklessly failed to mention that all applicants to the University were subjected to the same type of background check as James Holmes.

CBS/AP was informed by University of Colorado Denver spokeswoman, Jacque Montgomery, that Holmes was subject to a background check prior to the shooting. But Montgomery did not tell CBS/AP that Holmes was subject to more than one. Here is the relevant text from the unfairly manipulated report:

“University of Colorado Denver spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery later disputed that James Holmes was banned from campus but confirmed that a criminal background check was done on him before the July 20 attack.

She said a court gag order prevented her from discussing who requested the check, who performed it, and who saw the results.

It’s the first explicit confirmation from the university that concerns had been raised about Holmes at the school before the shooting.”

The Dark Knight Truth blog does not rely upon unnamed sources, but if the information we receive is confirmed by the main stream media, then we will release such information based upon such published independent verification. Today, we can report that Holmes was subject to a single standard background check upon applying to the University, and that this criminal check is required of all applicants to the University of Colorado.

The independent verification of this information was published by the Denver Post on July 23, 2012 (“updated on July 24, 2012), in a report by Anthony Cotton, titled, “CU Officials Defend Academic, Personal Support Available To Holmes”, wherein Cotton reported as follows:

“School officials said a background check is required for any student applying to the school. Elliman said he felt that the university had done all it could.”

Therefore, the CBS/AP conclusion, that Montgomery’s statement was “the first explicit confirmation from the university that concerns had been raised about Holmes at the school before the shooting” is clearly false.  Montgomery stated that Holmes was subject to “a” background check, and the Denver Post has confirmed that all applicants to the University are subject to “a” background check.

Further confirmation that the background check done on Holmes was part of his application to the university, and not because he was ever singled out as a threat, comes directly from Montgomery’s statement that Holmes was not banned from the campus because anyone felt he was a threat. She denied that allegation.

That Montgomery felt empowered to ignore the gag order in releasing information about the standard background check indicates that this information was not generated as part of the investigation, but was a matter of public record. The other information she withheld due to the gag order, such as the results of the check, are not readily available to the general public. Whereas, the standard University policy, of requiring all applicants to submit to a background check, is, in fact, common knowledge, and therefore not subject to the gag order.

CBS/AP is guilty of placing this investigation in danger by contaminating the jury pool with such reckless reporting.  This is a dangerous pattern surrounding the case.  This blog will be forensically dissecting all media reports, witness statements, and related evidence in the days ahead.

Furthermore, do not assume that attorneys for Holmes will not offer a complete defense on the merits. Recently, the defense team made a motion to prevent the destruction of ballistic evidence. No such motion would have been necessary if the defense was not investigating a full defense to the charges.

Many in Aurora are suspicious of the investigation and reporting. While this blog does not claim to know whether James Holmes is guilty, we are very comfortable in stating our opinion that he could not have accomplished this tragic shooting on his own, and that criminals appear to be at large. The victims, their families and the truth deserve better than what CBS/AP and the rest of the main stream media have given.


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