Today, I was exposed to a bombshell six minute Fox News video report by Griff Jenkin for Great Van Sustern, dated July 23, 2012. This video raises very troubling issues with the official Aurora shooting investigation. While a brief 45 second snippet of the Jackie Mitchell interview has been previously available on Youtube, the rest of Mithchell’s crucial testimony has been completely absent from the national dialogue.

Aditionally, the Fox News video also includes an interview with Myron Melnick, owner of the Zephyr Lounge, where Jackie Mitchell claims to have had a beer with James Holmes on the evening of Tuesday July 17, 2012.  This interview with Zelnick also directly contradicts widely reported stories alleging that Zelnick stated Holmes was not in the Zephyr Lounge having a beer with Mitchell on July 17th. Instead, Zelnick states to Fox News that the only thing he is certain about is that Holmes was “not a regular”.


Jackie Mitchell is a very compelling witness. His account of meeting James Holmes on July 17, 2012 reeks of truth. Nobody seeing this interview in its entirety, who is looking for genuine truth, will have any doubt that Mr. Mitchell is spot on accurate. I predict that with the proper dissemination of this video, the official story will crack under the pressure of the victims, their families, and factions of local Aurora/Arapahoe/Denver law enforcement who know the truth.

This is the tipping point, right here. It’s up to all of us to make this right. Please focus your attention now, and have the courage to follow the brave conviction of Jackie Mitchell, whose story desperately needs the attention, respect, and most definitely the protection of the nation.

I don’t know how this video has remained hidden since July 23rd, 2012, but there is no discussion of the following groundbreaking statements made by Mitchell. I will provide a few important quotes, followed by analysis. But let me state the conclusion of this article first:

If Jackie Mitchell and his friends, who also claim to have met Holmes at the Zephyr that night, are correct, then the site alleged to have been created by Holmes on July 5th, 2012 (as was confirmed by TMZ, the Seattle Times, and various other news outlets) is almost definitely bogus, since Mitchell claims, with one-hundred percent certainty, that Holmes did not have orange hair on July 17th. Mitchell states in this video that Holmes looked just like the first picture of him smirking with short brown hair that was broadcast to the nation in the early hours of July 20, 2012. In that case, the person pictured wit orange hair in the dating site pics may not be Holmes at all.


[The following are direct quotations from the interview, but not the full transcript.]

JACKIE MITCHELL (hereinafter, JM): Tuesday around 6, or 6:30 or so. We were all on the patio at a local bar, and the guy was just kind of at the table, you know. And we were just talkin’ sports to another table. And he was there, you know. He had input maybe on a couple of things, but nothin’ serious.

GRIFF JENKIN, FOX REPORTER (hereinafter, GJ): So you’re sitting at a table with some friends. And then he comes out and sits at the table next to you, but no-one else at that table?

JM: No. Nobody was at that table just him?

GJ: How did your conversation strike up? Have you seen him there before, or meet him before that?

JM: I never met him before that, but I saw him maybe three of four times.

GJ: At that bar?

JM: Yes. First time we had a conversation was probably Tuesday. I’m pretty sure it was Tuesday. Ah, We was talkin’ about football.

GJ: …Did he identify himself?

JM: … We shook hands, ’cause I shook hands with everyone at the table. But I’m not sure if he mentioned James Holmes, or Jon or whatever. I don’t remember that… He said the Broncos might make the playoffs, or they should make the playoffs… He didn’t seem like he was a bad guy.

GJ: … Did he have orange hair.

JM: No. It was brown. It wasn’t orange, not that day it wasn’t.

GJ: … After the shooting happened…When did you realize this was the guy that we had drinks with on Tuesday?

JM: I walked in the house Friday from a bad day at work… put on the TV, and I was like, wow, I know this guy. So I called my brother, and I was like, man I know this dude. I had a beer with this guy… The guy I saw in the bar was James Holmes.

GJ: … The other people you were with, your friends, did you call them too, and say, ‘hey guys, do you remember that guy’?

JM: A couple of us talked about it.

GJ: Do any of those guys, your friends who were at the table, disagree that maybe it wasn’t that person?

JM: (Emphatically) No. No. Everybody was on the same page. Everybody saw the same thing… I don’t want to put these people in the mix of this, but they saw the same thing… I know what I saw. And, to this point right now, lookin’ at that picture on the TV again, I’ll say it again, he was there.

GJ: You’re a hundred percent sure?

JM: (Emphatically) A hundred percent.


The interview then switches to Myron Melnick, owner of the Zephy Lounge.

MYRON MELNICK (hereinafter MM): I’ve talked to my staff, and nobody in my staff is familiar with him. I’m here approximately six to seven hours a day. I see, when I’m downstairs in my office, I have my security cameras in front of me. And I watch the door. It’s our job to watch the door, to monitor who comes in and out of here. And we’re not familiar with this person as a regular customer.

GJ: Now, Mr. Mitchell said that he had seen him in here two or three times in the past… certain on Tuesday night… And he told us he didn’t recall red or orange hair. Is it possible that he could have come in for a period of time, James Holmes, and had a beer out here, and you didn’t see it? Like how certain are you that he was or wasn’t here?

MM: If I had to testify in court, I’m not a hundred percent certain that he was here, or not here. But I know he’s not a regular.



  1. D.D.COVERS said:

    Your posts are great, very detailed, and well written. I also follow your posts on another WordPress blog. This whole situation, especially since I live in Denver, is incredibly disturbing and frustrating to me. You mentioned on that other site that “You know how to break a story.” So my question to you is how do you plan, or how can we, do something with all these facts to actually bring some change to Holmes situation?

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