The purpose and content of this blog will avoid all conspiracy theories. We are not defending James Holmes, not are we convinced of his guilt. In this country, a man is, by law, presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Every citizen is entitled to this presumption under law, regardless of the depravity of crimes alleged. Without the presumption, our system of justice will fail.

Furthermore, the victims, and their families, deserve an absolutely air tight investigation and accurate media reporting thereto. So far, the official declarations of law enforcement officials regarding the official story, that James Holmes acted alone, appear removed from the totality of evidence.  The official story may be true, but we cannot endorse this conclusion at this time.  There are too many unreported facts to counter the official story.

The purpose of this blog is to twofold: 1) reveal facts that have not been reported elsewhere; 2) to provide comprehensive analysis of facts already in evidence.

The media reporting has been negligent at best, and even intentionally deceptive at times. Numerous reports published by main stream media outlets have been proved wrong, and/or “updated” by removing prior inaccuracies without keeping a record of changes thereto. Such revisionary technique offends the code of conduct regarding journalism. An update should keep the original report, and add new material to it. An update should never remove previously reported material without keeping a record of such material available to the public.  This blog will chronicle multiple instances of news reports that have been substantially changed from their original form.

The author of this blog is a retired legal professional whose career spanned four decades. My identity and sources are irrelevant, since I will only report facts that are entirely verifiable in their own right. There will be absolutely no conjecture issued from this blog.

Dark Knight Oracle

  1. lkn4truth said:

    Love your article…I too am writing a blog about this topic however, my blog does contain speculation into various conspiracy theories. I wished there was a way we could possibly work together. We appear to both be doing research and your posts dovetail mine nicely. If interested, please see my blog at or email me at Hope to hear from you!

  2. DKO, The information you share here is quite revealing, but also threatening to those behind this crime, therefore, I am concerned that it’s been 3 weeks since you’ve last posted. Although you may not be ready to post anything new, could you please make a short comment to let us know you are safe and well. I appreciate your work. Thank-you.

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